My Top 5 Accomplishments & Goals for 2015

2014 was a quite stressful year to be honest. The constant battle to balance school, work and CBA was a handful. Through it all, I was still able to accomplish a few goals and an unexpected one at that. Here are some goals that I've completed off my list these past couple of years. I strive to work harder & stay focus to achieve more for 2015.


1.) Launching My Website

One of my main goals for 2014 was to create my online portfolio/website. Since this was my first, I wanted simplicity. This process took a lot of debating on what layout to use, narrowing down images for my portfolio and the range of content I would share. With all the prepping I launched my first website. That special day happened on June 24th, 2014. This was an exciting day for me and I was happy hearing all the positive feedback. 

2.) New Business Cards

For so long I had temporary business cards to get started but I never really liked them. I decided to invest in high quality cards that I loved and could also be an "on the go" mini portfolio.

PicMonkey Collage3n.jpg


3.) Getting A Feature

This feature in Issue 9 of Art Hive Magazine for Art, Culture, Design & Entertainment was quite unexpected. When I found out I was super excited, although it was a small feature I took it as a little taste of what is possible & what the bigger picture could be if I continue to work harder. 


4.) Becoming A YoungArts Alumni

As most people know I was selected as an YoungArts Finalist in Visual Arts back in 2012. I got to participate at YoungArts Week in Miami and later became an Alumni. This was the main reason why I decided to continue on this career path and I will never forget it. To be recognized of exceptional artistic achievement was a life changer. This organization/experience gave me hope, confidence in my work and inspiration.

5.) RAW Artist

I was selected as a Raw Artist over the summer. I decided that I would wait to have my showcase when I have a cohesive body of work that I'm proud of, so stay tuned, hoping 2015 is that time! 


Goals for 2015

This list will definitely increase but so far here are a few goals I have in mind! 

  1. Rebrand as far as logo design, color scheme & website adjustments
  2. Blog at least 3 times a month 
  3. Photograph a wedding √
  4. Receive a few more features
  5. Collaborate with other artist
  6. Create marketing materials
  7. Stay consistent with everything I do

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to comment below a few of your goals that you plan to accomplish, I would love to hear them!