Art School: Completing 1st Semester of Senior Year

Halfway to the finish line... 

This was by far one of my hardest semesters & to be honest I was never really prepared to start to begin with. Throughout the majority of the semester, I found myself stressed out to the point where I had no motivation to do anything. I even found myself questioning my love for photography (yikes). I can't pinpoint what it was but I just know I was over everything, senioritas? eeek. 

Thinking about graduation made me evaluate my whole life. I realized It made no sense to slack my final year & I came way to far to jeopardize my future. This whole realization happening within the last 3 weeks of the semester (noice, I know). But I did indeed manage to get through it; & now that I think of it, I probably should have waited with this blog post until I received my academic grades #prayforme ! 

I digress...... 

The most important part of the the school year are Review Boards. Some of you may know I attend an art school, majoring in Photography if it wasn't obvious. Every year at the end of the semester all majors have Review Boards, everyones "favorite day". For the photography department, we prepare to show our best 15-20 prints from the entire semester, get critiqued by reviewers/ guest critic, and get slaughtered (depending on your work, eeek). Well, to wrap this up, my review board went great and I feel so relieved to have it done & over with.

Below is work from my Review Board, & I can honestly say this is the first body of work that I'm proud of. I also plan to continue this project throughout my final semester. There are way more images that were not shown for the sake of my chosen arrangements but I plan on adding the rest to my online portfolio.

Short summary of series: Nappturality

Because of past history it’s ingrained in us what our hair should look like and we tend not to think of the political implications of our style. We’re continually caught in the middle of conforming to society but at the same time trying to embrace our textures. Before slavery our hair/ hairstyles was a way for us to represent our identity and culture. Experimenting with different modes of photography, appropriated images and digital imaging, I’m interested in making photographs that explore the complex history of African American hair and its legacy for current expressions of identity.

Digitals from this series below

Click here: Work In Progress