Who's Cidgy?

Cidgy Bossuet is a visual artist/ photographer who currently lives and works in Boston, MA. She received her BFA in photography from Massachusetts College of Arts & Design. For the past few years, Cidgy has been aiming to create work that explores cultural identity.

In December 2018, she was selected to exhibit at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair: YoungArts Booth in Miami Beach, FL. In addition to exhibiting at PULSE Art Fair, her art piece Nappturality was published in the New York Post, Alexa Magazine: “6 rising art stars to catch in Miami- before everyone else does.”

Cidgy’s work has been seen at the Miami Art Museum (now named Pérez Art Museum Miami), The Roman Susan Gallery (Chicago), Anacostia Arts Center (Washington D.C.), Upstream Gallery (New York) and the YoungArts Gallery in Miami. Her work has also been featured on Photo Vogue Italia’s “Best Of”, GirlGaze Project, Miami Rail, BostonVoyager Mag: Boston’s Most Inspiring Stories, The H Hub’s “36 of the Best Photographers in Boston” and Art Hive Magazine.

What type of photographs do you take? 

 I specialize in portrait and lifestyle photography. When I'm photographing, capturing candid moments are my favorite because these shots are the most authentic. My overall goal is to make sure everyone I work with has a pleasant/ fun experience.

How did you make the decision to pursue photography/ the arts?  

In January 2012, I was selected as a YoungArts Finalist/ Alumni in Visual Arts by the National YoungArts Foundation. I was flown out to YoungArts Week in Miami and got the opportunity to meet other artists, take a master class with artist Jean Shin & participate in my first group exhibition at the Miami Art Museum (now named Pérez Art Museum Miami).  I would say this was one of the first times I was truly exposed to the art-world. This experience definitely helped me confirm my decision to pursue photography/ visual art.


What do you love most about being a photographer?

I love that I'm able to meet different people through photography. My favorite is when clients and even strangers I end up photographing become friends. I also enjoy the freedom to create anything that comes to mind- I'm always thinking/ building a list of new ideas to bring to life with my art.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

My top favorite thing:

I take every chance I get to attend concerts/ shows of artist I listen to- I just love the energy of live music!


If it's not concerts I would say during my free time, I'm most likely still creating. I do my best to work on personal photo projects with other creatives often. But when I truly want to recharge, I'm definitely in bed binge watching Netflix! 

How would you describe your photography style?

A few words that come to mind are vibrant, clean and candid. 




Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography/ May 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions/ Shows

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair: YoungArts Booth S-224, Miami Beach, FL/ 2018

Enlightened: YoungArts Alumni Photography Exhibition, YoungArts Gallery, Miami, FL/ 2017

Unapologetic Negritude, Anacostia Arts Center, Washington, D.C./ 2016

Senior Thesis Show: Looking Up Again and Again, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA/ 2016

Photography Takes Over, Upstream Gallery, Hasting-On-Hudson, NY/ 2016

Slideshow, Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, IL/ 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

Selfie Show, Highlight Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA/ 2015

Artist on Display, Roxbury Open Studios, Boston, MA / 2014

The Artist of Colored Union: Moving on Forward, North Crackatorium, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA / 2013

Compass Art Exhibition, Brandt Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA / 2013

Black Artist Union 2nd Annual Past and Present Show, Student Life Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA / 2012

YoungArts Visual Arts and Photography Exhibition, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL / 2012


YoungArts Winner in Visual Arts, Recognition of exceptional artistic achievement / 2012

Selected Features

H Collective, The H Hub: 36 of the Best Photographers in Boston/ June 2019

New York Post, Alexa Magazine: The Miami Issue- Our Glamorous Guide To Art Basel: Artists To Watch/ December 2018

New York Post: 6 Rising Art Stars/ December 2018

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